How to use ttf fonts : Free Font Download

What is TTF font?

.ttf stands for TrueType Font. It's a very common format for fonts on both Windows and Mac computers. Here's a breakdown of what that means:

  • Developed jointly by Apple and Microsoft:- In the 1980s, both companies wanted a font format that worked across their operating systems and with most printers. TrueType was their solution.
  • Focus on screen and printer compatibility:- TrueType fonts contain instructions for how to display the font clearly on screens at various sizes, and also for how printers should render the font.
  • Widespread adoption:- Due to its compatibility and ease of use, .ttf became the standard font format for many years.

How to use .ttf font?

Installing the font on your system:- This allows you to use the font in any application that supports custom fonts, such as word processors, design software, and web browsers.

  • Here's how to install a .ttf font on Windows and Mac Windows: Right-click on the .ttf font file and select 'Install'.
  • Mac:- Double-click on the .ttf font file. This will usually open the Font Book application where you can click 'Install' button.

Using the font in a specific program:- Some programs, like web design software or HTML editors, allow you to directly import or link to a .ttf font file for use within that program.

Using a .ttf font in CSS:- You can use the @font-face rule in CSS to specify a .ttf font file and then use the font family name in your styles.

Using a .ttf font in a web design software:- Many web design software programs allow you to import .ttf fonts and then use them within the program for designing your web pages.